Saturday, April 20, 2013


SOUTH AFRICA (04/2013) Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve now offers the Shangaan Clan Tour, an opportunity to explore the folklore and traditions of the local tribe from where the majority of Sabi Sabi’s employees hail. In exchange for opening a door to their lives, to their homes, schools and community centers, community members will receive proceeds from a donation given by guests.

En-route to the first stop, Sabi Sabi community liaison officer Lodrick Manyathele speaks on architecture of the area, rural agriculture with all its challenges, traditional art and preparation of ethnic food. On the way, guests will be able to admire the crafts of the talented bead-workers, grass weavers and wood carvers, and to listen to both the harmonies of the local choir and the heart-thumping beat of the local drummers.

A favorite stop on the tour is the local sangoma (traditional healer) who enjoys special stature and is much revered in the community. The sangoma is regularly called upon to give advice, healing and blessings.

There are three varying itineraries with the first stop dependent upon the day of the week: Mazinyane Pre-school, a local shop or a local church. At each stop on the tour, guests are welcome to take photographs to cement their memories of an enriching and enlightening visit. A conversation with a safari guide on his life is one thing; to see the community from where he derives is another.

The tour is available for a minimum of four guests and can accommodate up to 32 guests. Rates for the tour start at $45* per person, and can be booked at the lodge.

For reservations, contact, email, or call (804) 767-8770. For more information, visit

*Based on the exchange rate between USD and South African Rand on 04/30/13.

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