Tuesday, April 2, 2013


KAMPALA, Uganda-  Premier Safaris, a specialist in adventure/luxury safaris in East Africa, is launching a unique program – customized safaris with Explorer-in-Residence Julian Monroe Fisher, a 21st century David Livingstone. Fisher, an American currently based in Austria, is an explorer, author, anthropologist, ethnographer, filmmaker, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, member of the American Anthropological Association and an International Fellow of the British Chapter of The Explorers Club in New York City.  

Between 2007 and 2011, Fisher conducted five consecutive Explorers Club flag-sanctioned research expeditions to the African continent. In 2012-13, he guided an expedition team that included David Baker, great-great-grandson of renowned Victorian-age explorer Sir Samuel White Baker, retracing Baker’s 1860’s route from Cairo to Murchison Falls in Uganda.

Open to two – six people who crave adventure, Premier Safaris will tailor an African safari with emphasis on Uganda, the “pearl of Africa,” and stays at Chobe Safari Lodge and Paraa Safari Lodge. Fisher as well as a local guide will be along for the duration of the trip. Beyond leading the safari, he will share tales, historical facts, anthropological information and anecdotes from his twenty years of spearheading expeditions across the continent. Journeys include Lake Victoria, where one of the great 19th century quests – the source of the White Nile – was fulfilled, when Jack Speke discovered it at Jinja.

Adventurers can visit the explored or hazard the unexplored, just like Livingstone, Sir Richard Burton, Beryl Markham and other intrepid Africaphiles.  Rates vary, depending on accommodations, number of people and activities required.  General rate: about US$3300 per person for a trip with five people over seven days. Trips can be extended to 10 days for those who want to retrace Baker’s footsteps in Uganda.

For more information, contact Corne Schalkwyk at gm@premiersafaris.com  visit www.premiersafaris.com or go to Fisher’s website: www.JulianMonroeFisher.com

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