Saturday, April 20, 2013


KENYA – The Cheli & Peacock Community Trust announces a new initiative at Elephant Pepper Camp (EPC) in the heart of the Mara North Conservancy with the introduction of a healthcare project at the Aitong Medical Clinic. This follows the great success of education-based projects surrounding Cheli & Peacock’s six high end camps, including EPC.

It began when Cheli & Peacock Community Trust coordinated a successful medical camp at the Aitong Medical Clinic, during which a team of five trained Red Cross personnel provided free medical advice, treatment and prescriptions, as well as emergency health kits that could treat 10,000 in the local community for three months. Feedback from local clinicians concluded that the supplies of drugs and equipment at the clinic were excellent, but they needed the skills and expertise to use them.

This is where Elephant Pepper Camp comes in: the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust pledged to arrange for a trained General Practitioner to visit the Aitong Medical Clinic three times per year for three to four days at a time, pro bono. Dr. Richard Ayah, a University of Nairobi lecturer and qualified medic, and his wife Dr. Violet Naanyu, a doctor of medical anthropology and sociology, will begin their visit to the clinic in June 2013. EPC, the driving force in creating the Mara North Conservancy*, will host these doctors and will provide complimentary board and some of the country’s best game drives.

The Cheli & Peacock Community Trust has also promised to fundraise and secure the remaining contributions to the sustainable stock replenishment program. Stefano Cheli, owner of Cheli & Peacock, states: “Sustainable ecotourism is at the very heart of what we do. We are delighted to work with Aitong Medical Clinic to support the healthcare needs of their local community and look forward to hosting Richard and Violet at Elephant Pepper Camp.”

The goal is to provide a community of approximately 3,000 local people with improved healthcare by maintaining supplies and stock replenishment, raising training standards and growing clinical expertise, while also focusing on peer education programs on key topics, such as HIV/AIDS.

With the collaboration of everyone mentioned above, this goal will be efficiently reached.

For more information on the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust, visit For more information on Elephant Pepper Camp, visit or email

* Mara North Conservancy covers more than 70,000 acres between Musiara and Aitong, a core parcel within the Masai Mara ecosystem, and maintains the land solely for wildlife conservation. Mara North Conservancy also guarantees its 750 Masai landowners stable revenue, transparent financial management and the preservation of the ancient balance between wildlife and traditional pastoralism.

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