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SOUTH AFRICA – Most people know that a group of lions is called a PRIDE, a bunch of birds together a FLOCK and a large number of ants a COLONY. But what about collections of zebras, hippos, rhinos or the myriad of other creatures that inhabit South Africa’s Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

A CRASH of heavy rhino looks in your general direction, ready to charge should you come any closer. A TOWER of regal giraffe poses almost purposefully as your game vehicle comes to a stop. And a DAZZLE of zebra flashes in front of you, galloping in a mass of black and white as the sun sets.

Bush Lodge Barman, Simon Matsane, keeps guests engrossed not only with tales of the bushveld he loves so much, but also with unusual collective nouns and the Shangaan names of various animals and birds. Simon, who is studying to become a ranger, will gladly share his exceptional knowledge of the bush.

While unusual, many of the collective nouns make perfect sense: a CACKLE of hyena vividly describes a spotted hyena’s high pitched and laughter-like call. A BASK of crocodiles is a logical link given that most of their days are spent soaking in the warm African sun. And, a BLOAT of hippos is exactly what you may think of while looking at their enormous girth.

Louise Barlow, area marketing manager, says, “No matter what their odd collective names, the ‘abundance’, ‘assortment’, ‘enthrallment’ of wildlife at Sabi Sabi continues to captivate visitors to this untamed paradise on the African continent.”

Rates for Sabi Sabi start at $583* per person sharing, depending on the season, and include game drives, environmental awareness walking safaris, all meals, a house selection of beverages and transfers to the Sabi Sabi airstrip. For reservations, contact, email, or call (804) 767-8770. For more information, visit

*Based on the exchange rate between USD and South African Rand on 05/13/13.

A Safari List:
Bask – a group of crocodiles
Bloat – a group of hippos
Brace –a group of ducks*
Crash – a group of rhinos
Cluster – a group of spiders
Coalition – a group of cheetahs
Colony – a group of ants
Corps – a group of giraffes*
Cackle – a group of hyenas
Colony – a group of frogs*
Dazzle – a group of zebras
Flush – a group of ducks*
Gang – a group of buffalo*
Herd – a group of buffalo*
Journey – a group of giraffes*
Knot – a group of frogs*
Leap – a group of leopards
Mischief – a group of mice
Murder – a group of crows
Obstinacy – a group of buffalo*
Paddling – a group of ducks*
Parliament – a group of owls
Prickle – a group of porcupines
Pride – a group of lions
Tower – a group of giraffes*
Venue – a group of vultures

*These animals have multiple collective nouns

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