Friday, September 13, 2013


NEW YORK, NY (09/2013) Travelers looking for an aesthetic, hands-on experience of India will find it in a new tour, North India Uncovered, from Steppes Travel, pioneers in sustainable tourism and creators of exceptional explorations and experiences in all corners of the globe.

The curated North India Uncovered tour will be led by art historian and India expert Louise Nicholson, who is steeped in India’s culture, having visited the sub-continent no fewer than 200 times.  Rates (inclusive of virtually everything except international airfare) are $6356 per person for the 13-night excursion which begins in Mumbai on February 2, 2014 and ends in New Delhi on February 15.

The group will visit two of the most important art/architecture sites of ancient India – the Ellora and the Ajanta caves.  They will take in fabled Fatepur Sikri, built by Mughal emperor Akbar and arguably the most beautiful uninhabited city in the world. They will travel to the great sites of Rajasthan – Jodhpur and its famous fort; the pink city of Jaipur, heart of India’s gemstone trade; the mirage-like Lake Palace in Udaipur and the utterly exotic cattle market in Naguar with its fancifully bedizened camels and colorful and chaotic marketplace.

Louise Nicholson is a journalist and author of 26 books including National Geographic Traveler’s Guide to India. She produced the very successful BBC series on the Great Mughals and, though a generalist, she has in-depth knowledge of Indian textiles, art, architecture and history. Those accompanying her don’t just go to a shop for textiles, they meet the weavers and learn about the manifold kinds of fabrics and stitches India is renowned for.  They don’t just glide past mustard or barley fields – they meet the farmers. And they don’t just do the compulsory visit to the Taj Mahal – they go twice, at sunrise and at sunset to view the world’s most beautiful tomb in the light of dawn and the light of dusk.

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