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Features Santa Maria Novella Products & Treatments
Monastero Santa Rosa (MSR), the new ultra-luxe hotel set into a cliff above the Gulf of Salerno on the Amalfi Coast, has opened a sybaritic spa featuring sublime beauty and health treatments using the renowned products of Santa Maria Novella.  MSR is one of only a handful of hotel spas in the world to offer these beloved products, made for centuries by one of the oldest pharmacies on the planet from the flowers and botanicals of Italy and the Mediterranean. The Spa is open to guests of the hotel as well as to visitors. 

The Spa, like the hotel, is an excellent example of adaptive re-use:  it has been built within a 17th century monastery*, preserving the vaulted ceilings, ancient walls, and exquisite architectural details of the historic building. Throughout the conversion of the space, the goal was to draw upon the convent’s unique character – not to follow a pre-determined formula that a branded spa would impose upon the space.  A focus on enhancing the ‘integrity of place’ allowed the building to show what suited it best. Thus, spaces were joined together to form a seamless flow.

The Spa is designed for extraordinary experiences and suffused with a spiritual dimension in keeping with the building’s heritage. The Italian tradition of bathing within a series of thermal rooms is re-created within the Spa.
Thermal Suite, a sequence of historic monastic spaces interconnecting the various warm rooms via arched openings, comprises:
  • A double-heighted, vaulted Tepidarium with pomegranate-infused foot spas and heated mosaic loungers
  • Aromatic Steam Room
  • Rock Sauna
  • Crushed Ice Fountain to refresh between thermal bathing
  • Hydro Pool
  • Emotion Showers. 
Treatment Suite, an exceptional private double suite (a Spa within a Spa), boasting a magnificent
861-square-feet double-heighted vaulted space includes:
  • Rasul
  • Steam Room
  • Double Wet and Dry Treatment Couches
  • Manicure/Pedicure Relaxation Lounge
  • Private Dressing and Grooming Space
  • Garden Terrace
Outdoor treatments are available under the shade of a pergola within the privacy of the Treatment Garden or within a single Treatment Room.

Santa Maria Novella treatments draw upon the ancestral traditions dating back to the 14th century of Italian monastic herbalists, who used local plants and flowers renowned for their healing powers. Treatments range from Santa Maria Novella facials (including back facials and facials for men) to honey hair and scalp treatments, and from massages, aromatic scrubs and wraps to manicures and pedicures. Prices vary depending on the selection, but an average 60-minute treatment costs $150. Some sample treatments:

Candle Massage uses an aromatic powder scrub of iris or bitter orange to soften and prepare the skin for a deeply-focused, relaxing massage with Santa Maria Novella candle wax made of pure plant oils and prime emollient butters.

Iris Drizzle Hydrating Body Wrap Warm iris oil is drizzled on to the body and blended with iris powder.  The idrasol body mask deeply enriches the skin during a scalp massage and layers in moisture and fragrance.

Polline Hydration Deep hydration with Crema Polline, a regenerating cream formulated with pollen and extra virgin olive oil to improve the appearance of a flat, dry, non-reflective surface and to inject skin lustre.

Amalfi Blue offers no fewer than 3 3/4 hours of treatments – Pomegranate Foot Bathing; a 60-minute Santa Maria Novella facial; Aromatic Powder Scrub and Spa Life Massage for 60 minutes; and a choice of a Manicure or Pedicure treatment.

The aromatics of Santa Maria Novella range from summery oils of lemon, bergamot, petitgrain and iris to such sweet-smelling herbs as rosemary, lavender, sweet orange as well as the special fragrance of pomegranate created for Catherine di Medici. 

The Spa is open seven days a week from 9 am until 7:30 pm.

For additional photographs contact: phealy@montcom-ny.com
For more information:  contact Francesca Speroni:  francescas@monasterosantarosa.com
Email bookings:  spa@monasterosantarosa.com

*In the English language, “monastery” usually refers to a building for monks.  But the broad sense of “monastery,” used by Italians, refers to a community of people, whether male or female, bound by vows to a religious life.  

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