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London, England (04/12) - Expert Africa, one of the leading designers and operators of personalized tours to Southern Africa, has outlined several places that offer the opportunity to explore by bicycle. Wind rushing through the hair…rays of sunshine caressing the skin…and the world before you – pedal on.


Amid the lush rift valley enclosed by steep escarpment walls, is Zambia’s South Luangwa. Tafika Camp, located on the banks of the Luangwa overlooking the South Luangwa National Park, offers one of the more adventurous biking options: mountain-bike safaris. Bike rides usually leave after afternoon tea and consist of a small group - usually not more than four guests. The group is led by a highly experienced cyclist and accompanied by an armed National Park scout. These bikes are also used to visit the nearby Mkasanga village and the local school and clinic that Tafika supports. Visitors are introduced to the village elders who are always pleased to show the guests around.

On the Livingstone side of Victoria Falls, the very peaceful Islands_of_Siankaba is built on two densely forested islands, linked by suspension bridges. This lodge provides mountain bikes with frames made out of bamboo - the bamboo is almost as good as carbon, with a much lower carbon footprint. The bikes are used by visitors to see the local villages and school, as well as to take in the 1.5km nature trail.


Likoma Island, located in Lake Malawi, is home to implausibly clear waters, sandy beaches and secluded coves. The one lodge on this island is Kaya_Mawa with rooms widely spread around a golden beach and the two rocky headlands that bind it. Kaya Maya provides two kinds of bikes for visitors to explore the island: mountain bikes and quad-bikes. Both of these bikes can navigate the small footpaths that criss-cross the area without the interference of traffic. Lots of the other islanders bicycle, so the bikes are a great way to blend in with the local community. They are also much less ostentatious than 4WDs when arriving in a local village – the traveler feels less self-conscious and the villagers are more accepting.

Expert Africa offers an eight day package combining both Tafika Camp and Islands of Siankaba, as well as Kaya Mawa in Malawi with rates starting at $5,647 per person sharing. This is on an all inclusive basis and includes flights and transfers from Johannesburg.


In northern Mozambique, the rugged and untouched tropical coastline is dotted with small villages and a few beach lodges. One of these lodges is Nuarro Mozambique. The beach is a short walk down the hill from Nuarro; and, the bush is filled with natural paths that lead to each of Nuarro’s chalets. Venture into the local villages by bicycle, accompanied by a member of the staff who comes from the area. Thus, you will receive a very warm welcome and numerous requests for photos. Many also utilize the bikes to travel to a rather remote lighthouse.

Expert Africa offers a seven day package at Nuarro Mozambique for $2,121 per person sharing. This includes full board accommodation, non-motorized activities which do not require a local guide, as well as flight and transfers from Johannesburg. Motorized activities with local guides are additional and payable locally.

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